6-OXO in T-GEL

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    6-OXO in T-GEL

    Per Chemo's recommendation. I dissolved the 60 capsules into 99% isopropyl alcohol and heated the solution in a sealed container placed into a pan of hot water on the stove. I shook the ingredients up and waited for the insoluable material to settle out. I poured the clear solution into another containter and saved it. I repeated this several times to wash the 6-OXO into the alcohol solution. I used an entire bottle of isopropyl alcohol for this purpose. Also per Chemo's suggestion, I used a fan to gently dry the alcohol - this took some time as you can imagine. I poured the T-Gel into the container and added a Tablespoon of 99% isopropyl alcohol. I used a spoon and stirred until dissolved. I then put the contents of thesmall bottle of DMSO into the solution. After further shaking I placed the contents into the T-Gel container. I calculated that two squirts or 4ml should be sufficient. This should last about 60 days.

    Do not ask for feedback on results because I have been hypogonadic for quite some time now and do not expect a miracle cure at this time.

  2. Very interesting. No clumping/settling or floaters in your solution?

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    I used the spoon to beat up the clumps until dissolved. I did not notice floaters in the solution. The insoluable material will eventually settle out and you can pour the solution off the top. This can take perhaps more than one settling to clear out the contents. This is a labor intensive process - but I got a 60 day supply for the effort.
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    I've been told my instructions are not very clear.

    I had a phone conversation with Chemo when he told me that heating the solution would increase the soluability. He said that the method I used by settling the contents and pouring off the clear solution would need to be repeated a few times to wash out the 6-OXO from the binder. After the clear solution is obtained - it would have to be dried out to precipitate out of solution. I obtained a greenish residue. When I mixed it with the T-GEL and mixed it well the contents settled out by gravity into 3 liquid phases. I have to shake the container daily to mix up the contents before application. I appy it at night because I do not want to carry the odor around with me during the day. Once a day application is enough.

    Hope this clarifies things, I know I am not a technical writer.

  5. Are you hypogonadic because of of age, extended AAS use, genetics? Have you tried other means, such a nolva or clomid with any success?

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    I am probably below 250ng/dl.

    I am 52 years old. I used too much nasal inhaler stuff which is the mainline to the Hypothalamus. I needed more time off than on. I used equal time on and off and the inhibition gradually built up over several cycles. I had an inflamation of the epidydmis while on 1-AD which might have contributed as well. I am trying 6-oxo because it is legal and I will not lose my employment for using it.


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