preparing my transdermal

  1. preparing my transdermal

    i have read the threads on compounding tren and plo gel. i have heard some say to mix according to the directions found online using 60ml of the gel. some people have told me to just breakdown the pellets nightly and mix them with plo gel instead of doing it all at once. some say if the tren doesn't fully mix you don't know how many mgs/ml you are getting. i guess that is question. should i dissolve 4-5 pellets everyday and apply them or make a big batch? thanks guys.

  2. I would suggest making a big batch, its a major pain in the ass anyway applying a TD ...2x a day. Grinding the a small application up would make it worse.

    I guess you could get away with 1 times a day but if you are doing Test Base with it, it probably isn't such a good option.

    I also noticed that no matter how fine you grind up the pellets with mortar an pestle the compound still feels gritty when you apply it, if the compound has been just mixed.

    I find that if you let it sit for a couple days it will be very consistent and leave no residue (i.e. it goes in the skin)

  3. thanks for the advice man.

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