Dissolving Y-HCL

  1. Dissolving Y-HCL

    Anyone been able to actually dissolve yohimbine ? I tried using 20ml iso alcohol, 5ml DMSO, 24ml PG and 60ml water, heated repeatedly and shook the **** out of it to no avail. Any ideas?

  2. Add some IPM or other oil based solvents in there...*PRESTO*

  3. I went up to 20% ipm to no avail, added aloe (35%) in bottle and shook heated, nothing.

  4. Anyone else have this problem? I am about to make my own homebrew yohimbine hcl transdermal and I was planning on dissolving it in some iso alch. and then just throwing it in with the other ingredients and shaking. Any other options or opinions? Has anyone done this successfully?

  5. Bro, i've tried, iso will not dissolve it, added 20% ipm and still no.

  6. I believe ya man, thats why im asking if anyone knows any other options on how to get it to dissolve. Does it even need to be dissolved, or can one just throw in all the ingredients and shake it up? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  7. i'm tryin benzol alcohol right now. let you know how it goes....

  8. Sounds good. Whats the rest of your recipe look like?

  9. Aloe Gel % Menthol/Iso% DMSO% Water PG % IPM% BA %
    40 8.34 2 25 10 10 5

  10. Here's what i'm playin with...
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  11. After 10 min
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  12. That is a mix of Iso propyl (20ml) Benzol Alcohol (12ml) DMSO (5ml) and 36ml IPM

  13. This is bottle of the following recipe ....
    Aloe Gel % Menthol% DMSO% Water PG % IPM%
    40 8.34 2 25 10 20
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  14. After 15min
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  15. So whatcha guys think? Just shake like hell before application and it should be fine or what? First bottle looks better IMO with the BA added, i'll add the aloe and water and see what happens.

  16. Thought i had it but realized i didn't add water. [email protected]$K
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  17. Will the H20 make a big difference in effectiveness?


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