1. Lotion...

    I have this lotion that has IPM, aloe and glycerin among other things and I was wondering...

    Since the PH solution is dry in about 5 minutes or so and most of the absorption takes place over the next two hours, could I apply this lotion every 3 hours or so to help heep my skin moist and the PH's moving with greater efficency (sp?)

    It sould help since it has the PE's in there.

    The lotion is called Skin Lotion (medicated) by Gojo industries

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  2. I think the absorption will only be done to things disoved in it. Since the ph's aren't I don't know how much good it will do. ALthough when you rub it on it will disolve into it maybe. Good answer eh.. Talk to ya
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  3. Add some i-prop (maybe 20%) and DMSO (5% or LESS) and it should work. This is an ide of mine as well but I haven't had an oppotunity to test it...good luck and let us know how it goes!


  4. Hey chemo you should start sellingthe gel as a moisterizer as well!!!!!! heheheheh. Talk to ya.
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  5. LOL.......!!!!
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  6. Originally posted by Lil Daddy Chemo
    [/B] Plus we all know some guys like the B&B products, for their more feminine side..... [/B]
    so what are you trying to say ?your a secret shopper at bath and body .

  7. And what is wrong with bath and body things for men?? Toss in a few scented candles, and the ladies think your a "soft and sensitive" kinda guy!!! Nothing wrong with that!! LOL!

  8. I still sneeze everytime I walk past perfume sections of department stores.

    BTW Chemo, I'm going to try that rubbing base solution on thing next cycle, in December. I'll post the results up (when I have them) in a new thread.

  9. But there are some really cute girls at B&B!!! (Ducks as the GF tosses a brick at my head)


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