Thinking of a Tren/Test trans for next cycle

  1. Thinking of a Tren/Test trans for next cycle

    I have been reviewing countless threads on making a transdermal test and tren mixture. From what I have seen both products require the same steps to extract the ingredient need for us. Is this correct? I just follow the syno conversion posted elsewhere for syno and fina?

  2. I have just prepared my cycles using the tips on universal kit's site.

    For Syno conversion i used the method described on universal kits site. I ordered his estrogen solubilizer in the ester-strip-off version.

    For Fina i just mixed the powder straight into the gel, since i sdidnt wanna botehr with teh ester strip. I just added a few extra grams instead.

    I used phlojel for carrier.

    Will star on teh cycle on monday. We'll see how this stuff works.

    test base for 8 weeks (1500mg per week - 215mg ED) 100mg/ml = 2.15 ml ED = 120 ml phlogel using 12g test base in total.

    tren ace for 8 weeks (1000mg per week - 140mg ED) 100mg/ml = 1.40 ml ED = 78 ml phlogel using 8g tren ace in total.

  3. Any Updates on how this cycle is going.

    Just started a tren/test base one of my own, that parrarels closely, just wanting the heads up on how this one is going?

  4. Its going well. 2 weeks in and the strength has begun to kick in slowly. I feel great but have had trouble sleeping lately so i will get some stuff to knock me out. i'm up 8 pounds but alot of it is water i think.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by andros
    Its going well. 2 weeks in and the strength has begun to kick in slowly. I feel great but have had trouble sleeping lately so i will get some stuff to knock me out. i'm up 8 pounds but alot of it is water i think.
    Just a heads up, your transdermal concentrations are actually 90.9mg/ml for Test and 93mg/ml for Tren. Small differences but differences nonetheless. I had similar weight gains in the first 2 weeks if my TD cycle of Test. I also experienced sleep disturbances. If you haven't already, get an AI (a'dex or letro) and possibly some Dostinex and keep them around just in case.

    Hope things go well.
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  6. How much did the conversions cost everyone? I am going to start hunting for pellets.

  7. these are rough numbers.

    1 box - 10 carts - 100ds - synovex-h - 85
    5 x cartridges finaplix-h - 187
    2x 5ml. use 6cc of estrogen solubilizer (request TNE in the comment section we can modify the ES) - 60

    phlojel 500mg - 75
    scale - 40
    mortar pestle - 10

    60ml syringes - 20
    2 yellow bottle of HEET (methanol 355ml, purchased separately) - 10
    Large glasses or jars - 5
    2 gal Distilled water - 5

  8. If you have a farm store around the 60 ml syringes can be fround for around $2.00 each, in eto sterilized packages.

    BTW I had no Idea that you could order an ester strip off version of e solubulizer from universal. I gather that you order a 1 ml for every cart you plan on converting?

  9. I'm only 7 days in and seeing some weight gain (feels like mostly water). But got around 10 lbs. up more on bench press, and 20 lbs more on deadlift is this too soon to feel any pump?

    I just change routines (added more rest between muscle groups) and (changed diet too) both about 2 weeks before cycle, so not sure if it is the diet and routine changes or the td cycle that is making the difference?

    I'm doing 100 mg test base and 40 mg tren ace td 2X a day right now?

    I did a pinned deca test prop cycle 15 years ago so wondering if this counts as a 1st cycle again?

  10. Is the estro solubilizer needed if you do the conversion? I thought the conversion left you with just the test and tren?

  11. yea the solubulizer is need ed for the syno to get test base, or at least I would recommend it.

    You can just apply the tren ground up into phlojel for the tren portion.

    Below I have a big long thesis on the conversion of syno H for transdermals

    There seems to be some disagreement about whether the NAOH conversion actually removes the E from the syno during conversion.

    Dazed indicates in his information that it does.

    The Syno Kits guys indicate that it does.

    Wardog indicates that it does.

    While Animal does not believe that it does and says that NaOh will not work on Estradoil but not EB, Animal goes on to say that it can damage the test.

    For filtering out the Test Prop without the EB, the super saturation / recrystalization method does work and is chemically sound. No on can argue with it. If you do it enough times to the unprocessed syno H you will get purer and purer test prop with each recrystallizaion. It is however VERY labor intensive, and time consuming. In the future I will just get the damn e solubulizer.

    I'm kind of worried that if you order the ester strip off version of this they will just be sending you a vial of super saturated NAOH. I think I would order the regular solubulizer so I can perform the conversion then do the NAOH strip off to be extra sure I have gotten all the EB out.

    I basically blew a whole 10 cart screwing around with this to see who the heck is right. Obviously I'm not a chemist nor do I have a gas chromatograph to test these things and be positive. I believe that NAOH does remove the EB and the melt points shift exactly like they should when this is done.

    I also KNOW that NAOH will damage, and deystroy a good quanity of the test if you use the recepies floating around these forums. The home brew formulas for stripping the ester are way too agressive and leave you with sick yellow test crystals and around 30% conversion ratios.

    Daze's NAOH ester strip off solution that is posted with his sound recrystallization technique is too feeble and does not remove the ester. I used it and the melting point of the crystals stayed right at 120 C, meaning I still had test prop.

    The good news is that EB has a molecular weight of 376. Anything over 400 is just about impossible to get through the skin with any real results. It appears to me that if you made a concious effort to TRY to get EB into your system transdermally you would probably have crummy results. To give your self prespective Test Base has a molecular weight of 288.

    Anyway I found that the ideal way to strip ester from Test Prop crystals (without EB) in them is as follows.

    1. dissolve crystals in 30 cc methenol (heet) per each gram of crystals used

    2. In a seperate small glass container dissolve .5 grams of NAOH per each gram of crystals used.

    3. In this second small glass container Add 10 cc of distilled water per each .5 grams of NAOH used. In other words if you were converting 2 grams of Test Prop crystals you should be adding 1 gram of NAOH and 20 cc of distilled water

    4. Add the super saturated NAOH solution to the heet/test prop solution, and weight exactly 2 hours / 120 minutes. Any more time any your crystals will turn yellow and you will lose test base yield. Less time means you won't convert all of your test prop to test base.

    5. Drip wise add water to the solution, adding water more slowly creates better crystals, that are easier to filter.

    6. Filter this via coffee filter and rinse with Distilled water until the rinse through water has the same PH as the distilled water. I don't trust PH strips, I prefer a PH meter but I can imagine most people don't have one lying around. Since you are only using this as a transdermal you only have to get it close enough not to create skin irritation.

    7. Dry the crystals, if you are unsure if the conversion worked you can test the melting point, if it is above 145 C then you have stripped the ester. If you are still hovering in the 120 - 125 C range you still have Test Prop.

    The conversion should yield around 70% of the Test Prop weight. Remember that test base only weights 83% of what test prop does so if you conversion is above 75% you probably have some ester still left on the test.

    The good news is that test prop will get through the skin too,(molecular weight of 344) just not as well, and according to the research on rats I have seen the prop ester won't make it through the skin, so the dose will be test base.

    I think a scale is absolutly necessary to do this correctly, you can get some decent cheap plastic portable beam scales at american scientific and surplus American Science & Surplus: Incredible Stuff at Unbelievable Prices if you don't want to spring for a digital.

  12. I strongly recommend checking out Animal's method. It is a lot less complicated. You don't even need a scale to measure anything. He uses the same principles but going about extracting the t more conveniently. No worry about leaving ester uncleaved or wrecking the t by accident. The only drawback is, it takes a lot of waiting time. It is very economical though. Everything is a trade off, I suppose.

    If you happen to communicate with him, tell him I send you, and he will be nice to you.

    I didn't realize that UniversalKit has an ES that also cleaves the ester. Does this mean they just added enough NaOH into the original ES bottle?

    The Universal Kit's method (of removing EB) is very time saving. The flip side is, it costs a lot more. But if it works (the original ES works like a charm, but i have no idea about the modified one), and since it is a board sponsor... you know the drill , ie We should support board sponsor.

  13. BTW

    I'll be using animal's stuff if I ever do this transdermal stuff again

  14. que es animal??

  15. I guess asking too much about him is considered a source finding issue &&& this board has a respectable sponser in universal kits that offers a similar item.

    I run the website My Fat Spouse - Home and trust me it is tough to pay the bills on a free website considering the work you put in.

    Use google and be creative animal is one of the 1st underground conversion "chemists". He appears to be pretty controversial these days, a lot forums have him banned.

  16. cool thanks.

  17. andros, was that 12g of powder for 8 weeks, and 120 mg of phlojel for 8 weeks?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by preston25 View Post
    andros, was that 12g of powder for 8 weeks, and 120 mg of phlojel for 8 weeks?

  19. What was the end result?

  20. bump how did this go?


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