Transdermal Science on Super Human Radio

  1. Transdermal Science on Super Human Radio

    I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Jim Rogers of JAR Pharma about transdermals in general. Some very interesting info was discussed that I was not aware of.. such ast the MW cut-off for a transdermal is not necessarily 400 Dalton. Also some other interesting info for those in arid climates. Here is the show info and some links to listen...

    Show Info
    The science behind transdermal delivery -Dr. Jim Rogers, formulator of the legendary transdermal PhloJel Ultra, discusses transdermal delivery science. You'll either find this show terribly boring or extremely interesting depending upon your level of interest and comprehension of transdermal delivery science. Three important things were revealed in this interview - the cutoff for drugs that can be delivered by transdermal vehicles are larger than the commonly quoted 400 Dalton, climate and its effects on skin hydration may play a role in delivery rates and the components that differentiate a topical from a transdermal.

    Censored at triceptors request!

  2. I tuned in, good stuff.

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