How much Comp TH to a bottle of T-4?

  1. How much Comp TH to a bottle of T-4?

    Hey guys, first time here.......just found the site...

    Anyway, I got about 4 g of Comp TH sitting around and I was wondering how much of it I should add to the T4 (12 g 4ad) bottle without wasting it??

  2. Well, the most prohormone or AAS that should go into a brew is 15g TOTAL, so you could add in 3g of your TH....OR.....wait until more experienced guys respond to this thread. (I would wait for more responses)




    PS.. welcome to the board
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  3. im not more experienced on ph's (first cycle starte 2 weeks back) but been knowledged up about the 15g per a 240ml brew so i second the adding in 4 or all 5g in your already 4-ad. ya, you might not absorb as much ph cuz of the density but that amount should be minimal, even if you add in all 5grams.

  4. I would say go with all 4 grams. You may have to heat it slightly to get it to go in, but somehow I doubt it. I have never had an issue getting fina into seems easy compared to any of the other PH or AAS.

    To go with less, I feel your not going to get enough fina to be effective. As far as dosing of your concoction..I will leave that to others. I know for myself I would be burning that bottle out in a 2 week cycle..but I know others prefer lower dosages.

  5. Wardog you big bad brother! What's up bro! I am so glad to see you here my friend.

    Wardog is right, you should be able to get it all in.

    Take Care!


  6. Excellent guys, thanks for the timely responses..

    I am not gonna be back on for a few weeks, I just got done 3 weeks ago w/a five week fina/dbol(for the first 2 weeks at 50 mg/day)/then biotests oral 4-ad........I'm just finishing up w/clomid now, but this last cycle was excellent, went from 181 to 202 in 5 weeks, and after coming off I've only really lost about 4 lbs.

    I'll keep you posted on my results, this is a pretty nice board b/c not all the others seem to give enough credit to the power of prohormones.

  7. even if u can fit it all in u can alwys addd the dmso and some more alcohol to make it fit


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