Upping trans test dose....

  1. Upping trans test dose....


    I have trans test 50mg/ml, 100mg bottle.

    I'm on day 16 of a 75mg twice daily trans test cycle. I have not gained for a week. From day 9 to day 16 I have fluctuated between 203 to 204 lbs from a cycle commencement weight of 199 lbs.

    Assuming the product is legit and diet / training is good, is it appropriate to increase the dosage? I have no discernable sides currently and have not posted a PB lift yet on this cycle.

    What is considered a low medium or high dosage? (This is my first test cycle)

    Thank in advance if you can assist.

  2. Depends what kind of dermal you are using. I assume most dermals are around 35% absorption. At your current dose you're probably taking the equivalent to slightly higher then 50mg test prop injectable per day. Raise is to three 75mg doses per day. I would'nt go above that on your first go of Test. Good Luck.

  3. At your weight and from my recent experience I would not dose below 200mg/day (250-300 would be good). 2X daily application is suffice depending on the carrier. Phlojel can be done 1X, while with T-gel or Dermabolics I would go with 2X. Go check out threads started by jonny21 and you will find my transdermal log, might be some pertinent info for you.
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