Newbie here looking to make homebrew!

  1. Newbie here looking to make homebrew!

    Hey guys, I would like to make a homebrew ph transdermal for my cut this summer. I plan to start it in 6-7 weeks so I'm researching now. I was thinking of use 1-test or 1-test + 4ad. Note, I'm in canada. Now Ive been reading the boards but Im still not sure exactly what I need. Heres what I know already. I'll need some 4ad/1-test powder, an oil to mix it with and some sort of transport? Sorry for being such a newbie about this stuff =P


  2. Thanks,
    So I'll need to get my hands on
    10% OLEIC ACID( OA )
    10% DMSO

    and some powdered 1-test/4ad? Also whats a good ratio for them to be combined at?

  3. If I were you I would consider a couple things. First, how handy are you with mixing and such and homebrewing in general. Also, how often do you plan on pursuing this. I ask because if you are just casually trying to find a cheaper way to get prohormones with good absorbtion rates, I would simply recommend Chemo's T1pro. Good price, already assembled and just about ready to go. But if you are serious, homebrewing is a very good thing to do. Just remember, the amounts of a lot of those products leaves room for many further cycles.

  4. That depends on what your goals are. The max amount of powder you can get in is 15g. If your're looking to bulk go with more 4-AD, if you're looking for lean gains go with more 1-test. If you can't decide go half and half.

  5. Well Im looking to lean out, and yes Scott I was interesting in homebrewing for the economic savings =P. Where is Chemo's T1pro available?

  6. Nice I found the store, so I guess that T-1 Pro would be best for me eh? Does Chemo have any problems shipping to Canada? Also I think I'll be doing 2 week on/2 week off type cycle, so my htpa isnt completely shutdown. I guess I'll need a bottle or 2 of 6-oxo also eh?

  7. Read up on the sticky's for info in regards to canada...most here would recommend 4 on 4 off followed by nolva or clomid (check out liqua-solutions) rather than oxo. Its cheaper and most feel better. Stick around and read up

  8. Well If I do a 4 week cycle, my htpa will be shutdown correct? So I'll need to eat alot of calories post cycle to get it going again, which isnt good when you're cutting =p

  9. Brian, you have a PM



  10. Personally, I think 2 or 4 will have some impact on hpta. I'm more knowledgable on the other "supplements" so some others might need to back this up but I think what would see much better gains off a 4 week cycle, followed by clomid or nolva, which are both fairly cheap. With all the info and products advertised or through BDC, you can get yourself 2 4 weekers and nolva (separately) for under 125 bucks.

  11. Well if 4on/4off is better than 2on/2off/2on/2off Ill do it. Now I plan to stack that 1-test with ECA/Yohimbine(Transdermal). I'll be eating 300-500 calories under maintence and doing HIIT for cardio.

  12. 4 on 4 off would be better. it takes about 2 weeks for the test to really hit you. most people see the best gains in the last 2 weeks.

  13. Originally posted by 2cAnnons
    4 on 4 off would be better. it takes about 2 weeks for the test to really hit you. most people see the best gains in the last 2 weeks.

    Thats why I will be frontloading with 800mg/day for the first week.... Talk to ya...
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  14. Wait? Are PH Powders legal in Canada?

  15. NO.. But that does not mean you can't get them.. hehehe. talk to ya
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  16. Hey, fellas...another newbie here. Wonderful board.

    I have a question about DMSO. I've done a couple PH cycles in the past and would like to give a whirl at doing a couple homebrews, one for 1-T and the other for a joint formula.

    I understand that this stuff has quite the stench to it, which concerns me somewhat because I work in a "cube-farm" office environment. My question is:

    At 10% DMSO, would the smell be enough to be offensive to folks in my general vicinity?

    I understand that it would greatly enhance absorption properties and, for that reason, I'd love to use it as long as I'm not gonna funk my neighbors out of the building.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  17. At 10% dmso I didnt notice any kind of stench either from application or breath, etc. Everyones different but I'm guessing youll be just fine.

  18. No real smell at 10% for me either.
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