Electric Current Enhancement of PH/1-Test delivery

  1. Electric Current Enhancement of PH/1-Test delivery

    When reading the article linked in the T-Heat homebrew thread (http://www.inetce.org/articles/pdf/1...01-008-H01.pdf), I noticed a statement referring to Iontophoresis. I remember undergoing this treatment during physical therapy for my torn shoulder, with a steroid solution.

    Now, my question is...I have an EMS machine here for my back, including 4 pads - theoretically this should enhance penetration of the Steroidal Transdermals?  

     I am only using the T-1 Pro at night (I am trying out the Cyclo 1-Test for my main dosages), but I am going to experiment with 10 minutes on low power.

    Any thoughts?
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  2. Ultrasonic or electrical pulses are suposed to enhance the absorption of ph's ... But for feasabilty of application then doing the extra stuff it makes doing transdermals like that not to fun. If you have the equiptment to try it. Go for it. Let us know how it goes... Talk to ya

  3. How would you know how much more effective this really is? Unless you do two exact cycles, one with the EMS machine both morning and night applications, and the other without the EMS machine, and see the difference in gains, then how could you tell the difference?

  4. Well, at this point I would only have subjective feedback, recovery, etc.   I was just throwing an idea out, thinking out loud as it were.  If it has any merit I'm sure levels and objective absorption data can be measured in a better setting than my bedroom.  
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  5. Those kinds of test cost thousands of dollars.. Way too much for our tastes.. hehehe.. Talk to ya...



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