50mg EQ Trans??

  1. 50mg EQ Trans??

    Is it possible to make 50mg EQ TD using Bold base??

    IF I use phogel how much EQ base do I need to use to make 120ml? I read 100's of threads but didn't get the answser so no flaming, LOL!!! JK flame away.

  2. 100mg per mil is 12 grams base in 120 ml Plojel.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by doodlebob
    100mg per mil is 12 grams base in 120 ml Plojel.
    He is correct.

  4. If you wanted to get a little more precise, ~108grams of Phlojel with 12 grams of Bold Base would = 100mg/ml.

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  5. So how many grams for a 12 week cycle?

  6. Depends on how you would like to dose it...... You figure if you use about a 1g/week that would end up to roughly 300 mgs absorbed if you factor in the 30% absorption rate. So to acheive a sufficient dose you would probably need about 2-2.5g/week and up so for 12 weeks you would need something like 24-30+ grams.


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