Systemic Sides from Clen in Lipo-Y?

  1. Systemic Sides from Clen in Lipo-Y?

    I'm all set to compound and use my "Spookyderm," but just wanted to check if anyone had experienced classic Clen sides from a transdermal application? I have to avoid shakes at all costs!

    Also--did we determine a baseline amount of clen per 4oz. bottle?

    I have Liqui-Clen @ 200mcg./ml

    And 40,000 UH cap powder on the way

  2. I experienced clen sides when using orally, but NOT when using transdermally.

    Loki recommended 3000 mcgs per bottle - I think.

  3. Cool--thanks! Did you notice more fatloss from lipo+clen vs. lipo

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