I could use some transdermal advice...

  1. I could use some transdermal advice...

    I was going through my supplements and found some "banned" PHs remaining. I wanna get rid of it as I don't like having anything illegal in my possession.

    In pill form, I have 33 grams of 4AD and 68 grams of Nordiol. Can anyone help me with setting this up as a transdermal so I can use it? Or should I just get rid of it?


  2. You may mail it to me and I will properly dispose of it for you.

  3. Wiat, Actually I see you live in West Palm Beach. So do I. I'll just come pick it up!
    Seriously you can run over to Wellington and in the industrial park back by Pearson Park their is Le Melange. You can get stuff their and brew your own transdermal. Check out the recipe's here.


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