Clen Transdermal

  1. Clen Transdermal

    Found this at and thought it was interesting. Slatedrakes post is the most informative. Whats your thoughts on this guys? Seems interesting.****71738

  2. Very interesting...any of the transdermal experts around here care to elaborate on this?  BDC, curt2go, etc???

  3. As far as know about clen you want it into your bloodstream to do its work right. You do not need it to deposit into fat for it to work. Am I right. If so then you do not wnat to do it wiht the yom transdermal. the reson is the yom transdermal will not get the clen inot the bloodstream it is not designed to. It will only drag the yom just past the skin depositing in the fat... BUt if you want it to deposit in the fat then it will work in the yom transdermal(t-heat).... Talk to ya

    PS it has nothing to do with clen has a high oral bioavalibility if you want it to deposit in the fat it will work if you do not then eat it.. Talk to ya..
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  4. where clen works

    clen does not work on white fat stores of the body.  It works in conjunction with yellow fat and metabolism of white fat.  Thus the conection of having it transdermily to spot reduce is absolutly not a possibility.  It has no effect on white fat alone.  The results that they are seeing from have to be from the yoh or in their heads.

    my 2 cents


  5. might want to ask the guys at target=_blank>www. b they are the transdermal experts


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    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  6. I just found an old post about adding clen to the lipo mix. Par seems to think it would work but I understand your guys point of view. Thats why I was curious and it sounded interesting.

    Original question: Is there a pure beta agonist that is not an alpha agonist that could help to preferentially mobilize fat from areas of application?

    What about mixing liquid clenbuterol with Lipoderm-Y? Does clen act as an alpha agonist on fat cells?

    Or how about octopamine?

    One more thing --- would ketotifen and/or clenbuterol absorb the same way as yohimbine hcl? Are the molecules small enough? And is there any purpose to the localized ketotifen?

    Par's answer: Clenbuterol would be a good choice, as it is b2 specific, and it should be decent for transport -- it is more hydrophllic than yohimbine, so it might not be quite as efficient.

    Ketotifen is not in my PC calculator, but it is a small enough molecule.

    Little add on: I am not certain about the degree of metabolism that occurs locally.

    In any case, systemic levels are far lower in comparison with adipose tissue levels with LipoDerm vs. oral yohimbine. The same would hold for Clen.

    Thats about the jist of it. THere are more post about adding that and T3 to the mix. You have to do a search and remember to signigy "any date" because the default will only search the for the past 30 days.

  7. Originally posted by Lifeguard
    might want to ask the guys at target=_blank>www. b they are the transdermal experts


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    From ME! I think that should be like 500 karma points right there


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