Got my PH ingredients, now I'm concerned

  1. Got my PH ingredients, now I'm concerned

    I recently purchased several gms of 1-Test and 4-AD powders for my homebrew (not from BDC unfortunately!).  Now that I have them, I feel a bit like a junkie.  How do I know this stuff is what it's supposed to be and doesn't contain any toxic chemicals, etc.,?  Is there any way to tell good quality from bad?  Any known sources to stay away from?

  2. Where did you order from?

  3. 1Fast400

  4. Originally posted by Jeff Rippe
    Nothing to worry about there. Mike has one of the best reps for quality of powders I've heard of.

  5. Who is actually the manufacturer of this stuff?  Does most of it (all of it) come from LPJ or are there many others?  I'm afraid some of the stuff available on the web may be made in someone's garage with less than sanitary conditions, etc.

  6. Why don't you just e-mail Mike if you're that concerned? I'm sure he won't have a problem answering your Q's.
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    Originally posted by Draven
    Why don't you just e-mail Mike if you're that concerned? I'm sure he won't have a problem answering your Q's.
    i agree draven....i've ordered stuff from 1fast b4 and will continue to do so. plus i had a problem with an order i recently placed and sent him an im on aim...he responded and we got things worked out very quickly. when i get ready to order some homebrew powders tho i'm gonna order from bdc...but i'd feel comfortable with the products i got from either one. they are both top notch imo.

  8. I have corresponded with Mike via email and agree he has always been good about it (even before I was a customer).

    Just want to be sure when I'm messin' with something nearly as effective as an injection that what I'm pushing in there is not toxic.  I've seen the "do it yourself" prohormone manufacturing directions on the web.  Some of the materials used in that process could kill you if not handled properly or some toxic reaction takes place due to contamination.

    Paranoid?  Maybe.  Especially when a product has no label or manufacturer's name or address anywhere to be found.

  9. Well all I can say is enough people get powders from 1fast, including BDC I believe at one time, and no one has ever had any problems. I guess you could send a sample to be analyzed, short of that you'll just have to trust Mike and his reputation.

  10. ****, 1fast is one of the only other places I WOULD feel safe about it, you got nothin to worry about man

  11. 1fast has quality powders...



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