Before/After Spray for Pre/Post Dermal use?

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    Before/After Spray for Pre/Post Dermal use?

    So I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about before/after sprays; specifically sprays you would use pre or post transdermal use. For instance, I currently apply Cap-HP then a Lipoderm-Ultra/Clen mixture to my stubborn problem areas (love handles).

    I recently started sprayign 70% ISOA on the area before applying the Cap/Lipo/Clen dermal combo. Would this at all help absorption or hinder it in anyway?

    Well I got to thinking ... if ISOA alone isnt enough to do the trick and could possibly dry out the skin enough to hinder current absorption, why couldnt I add a little under 10% DMSO and ALO-VERA to the ISAO?? & if I did, what difference would this make in comparison to my plane ISOA spray?

    Secondly, lets take it a bit further while remembering I am using Lioderm-Ultra (that has dermal properties) and say I added some Yohim HCL, Caffeine, ephedrine HCl, or some other random compound that would disolve in the ISOA/DMSO mix and used it as a pre-spray to the lipoderm-ultra application?

    Is anything I'm saying possible or at the very least able to further incease absorption into the adipose tisue without making the mixtures go systematic??


    PS: I have a friend that is using 30% 70% DMSO and Alo with pgf2-a as a dermal spray to spot reduce. I told him the DMSO would most definitely make the pgf2-a work more systematically then locally. Was I right in saying this?

    Lots of questions, I know, Lets see if we can get them all answered.

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    as far as I know, Iso is a solvent, and not a penetration enhancer, and any use of DMSO will positively increase the systematic effect and negatively affect the localized. I would say leave well enough alone, just use the Cap/ Lipo+ combo as is, that without modification should work well.
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    Isopropyl alcohol will most likely dry the area out which would subsequently decrease the absoprtion.
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