1. D-limolene

    It seems Le Mélange no longer carries D-limolene. Does anyone else have a retail source for this?

  2. Do a google search for "D-limonene". Probably need to buy by gallon. You could always use it for tough stains on your clothes.

    I think I bought the last of Le Mélange's awhile back. I ordered 8oz but they sent me 2oz and said they were no longer handling it.
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  3. Thanks - I've seen it by the gallon, but I think it would outlast me by a long time.

  4. I did also a google search but haven't find any not even in gallon quantity. Well I probably didn't do a correct search. But if anybody can / is allowed to give a link would be helpful.

  5. I found some smaller quantities on Ebay. I'll post a link when I have more time.

  6. D-limolene
    my wife can awlays tell when i on TD she says I smell like furniture polish.
    lemon pleadge or something.


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