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    I am planning a transdermal prohormone cycle and my target was to create a low side affect cycle to give my training a boost for 4 weeks followed by a 2-4weeks cutting cycle.

    Currently I have
    2 off Dermabolics 8oz transdermal
    19 Nordiol 12g
    4OHT 12g
    25g 4AD
    (Several bottles of MIT but do not wish to use this.)

    Generally these where all I had got hold of earlier this year so not ideal.

    Any recommendations as to good use of the above.

    I am not looking for major size gains as I have concentrated on keeping my bf below 8% for almost 10 years (I keep a more athletic look). I am 32yrs, 6ft 4 ins, 110kg (240lbs) with current 12% bodyfat but I am just 4 weeks back into training after a 11 week break due to a virus and travelling. This was my first break from training for 15 years so as stated earlier looking for a lean boost without acne or bloating. I have taken s1+ twice and Norderm once and Superdrol once in the last 6 years. Bad experience from Superdrol with minor estrogenic type side effects 9 weeks after finishing my cycle early last year. Never done A.S.

    Any help much appreciated.

  2. I'm used to dealing with Tgel, I don't know the milliliter saturation point for the Dermabolics mix, and if that was the supply I had I would do 6oo mgs of 4AD daily for 28 days, followed by 600 mgs of 4OHT for 20 days, and forget about the bloaty and suppressive Nordiol.

    600 & 600 is my heavy choice, 400 & 400 plus or minus might be your choice and I would take one Rebound XT or equivalent every second day while doing the 4AD. The 4OHT has estrogen suppressing qualities itself. Bloating is preventable, acne is probably unavoidable.

    I would calculate the saturation point of the Dermabolic per milliliter, mix to the max in a oven heated mason jar cause 4Ad can be difficult to get dissolved at high concentrations,I'm not sure how well 4OHT mixes, add 10% DMSO to enhance absorbtion, and dispense with an oral syringe for accuracy.

    PCT of Tamixofen Citrate/Generic Nolvadex.

  3. 400mg of 4AD with 30% absorption rate and 15% conversion rate leads to 120-130mg of test per week. Do you think it will be enough as stand alone?

  4. Not for me, but I like high Test with an AI to neutralize E conversion. I have a naturally high test level, it may be that I need more than most to get an appreciable effect as contrast to my natural levels.

    For me, T and DHT are good, E is bad, I don't do "wet" cycles. IMO, high E should be avoided by older guys, more potential trouble than merit.
  5. Lightbulb

    Replies much appreciated from both of you. Cheers.

    I had purchased the Nordiol as this has supposedly the lowest side affect profile and I had zero side affect when I tried Norderm.

    My research since my post had led me to consider blending 6g of Nordiol, 3g 4AD and 3g of 4OHT to reduce suppression and estrogenic affects. Your replies have led me to reconsider this to your proposed cycle.

    I understand you have a negative opinion of Nordiol due to the bloating but does it still have less side affects than a 4AD based cycle?

    I was interested to see you recommended using 4OHT at the end of the cycle. Can you tell me the benefits of this, what 4OHT actually does and if you recommended this for its anti-catabolic properties.

    Again any help much appreciated

  6. Quote Originally Posted by sir.kevin
    400mg of 4AD with 30% absorption rate and 15% conversion rate leads to 120-130mg of test per week. Do you think it will be enough as stand alone?
    The late great Dan Duchaine has said 4-Diol to be 90% as anabolic as testosterone and possibly more androgenic in it's unconverted state.

  7. Here's your chance to make your bones as a new member,Ryanocerous, by researching and posting back as to why Nordiol might be less good than 4AD and an AI, and what 4OHT does to make it a cutting/recomp choice.

    You post back with some research for your and our benefit, and I'll do likewise in response.


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