1. formestane?

    I am taking E-form by dermabolics as a stand alone for a small test boost, I am wondering when it will kick in though, I have been using for 2 1/2 weeks and still nothing.

    Also- After I apply it there is a small film on my gloves, it is kind of like a wet look and I am rubbing the product in very hard so I am curious if this is normal?

  2. I used the same stuff to combat gyno and got similar results: nothing. It was dermabolics as well.

    For what you're doing fenugreek stacked with dhea will work effectively and cheaply. You ramp up the fenugreek dosage weekly. Its effects diminish with time and you have to take a break to recieve the hormone boosting effects again. It works in a similar manner to tribulus I think.

    It'd kick ass if you stacked it with an ATD product. Most recieve good strength and size from this and I know I sure as heck do. I like ATD but I'm also jaded because it brought back nut size in the middle of a good cycle and completely ended the gyno while on cycle.

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