Alternative Transdermal Approach

  1. Alternative Transdermal Approach

    Assume: (1) One wanted to use a relative cheap hormone (like "regular" DHEA) in a transdermal application, and since the hormone is cheap, (2) It might be nice to have an equally cheap transdermal carrier, even at the expense (to some extent) of efficacy.

    Question: Would something like the sanitizing hand cleaner gel (available at Dollar Tree for (guess?), $1.00) work as an apprporiate carrier? Many of the ingredianmts seem consistemnt with those in trandermal carriers, although there isn't anyway of telling what respective % of each ingrediant. Could this be made to work by adding DMSO?

    Would this appear to work "sufficiently" (whatever that means) or is it a well intended - but off the mark thought (penny wise, dollar foolish)?

  2. I'm pretty sure the hand santizers would not work as they're not meant to penetrate the skin, only kill the germs on it.

    Adding DMSO would work, but I'm not sure you'd want all the ingredients in the santizer in your body. The santizer I'm looking at here in my office has ethyl alcohol in it...can't be a good thing to have in your blood stream.

  3. Does it appear that there may be other suitable/cost-effective commercial products that can be used/adapted for this type of use?

  4. Get some Penetrate. It's fairly inexpensive, easy to work with, and it does the job. By the way, DMSO smells like garlic
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  5. that post got me thinking about abrew I made up basicly I took a gram of 7 keto from capsuls and mixed it with goldbond deep penatrating lotion but then I remembered I had some chizeled[alri]left so now Im using both together and Im reading some of the ingredients in the goldbonds like[dimethicone,petrolatum,distear yldimonium chloride,methl gluceth,EDTA\]just to name a few.So the DMSO in the chizeled is putting all this in my blood right?gee Im not feeling so good .If I take the rest of the 7keto and and add it to the chizeled that should work right?

  6. I have some Penetrate, so my question was more for curiosity than for need. I just find this all very interesting.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Beau
    I have some Penetrate, so my question was more for curiosity than for need. I just find this all very interesting.
    Don't use hand sanitizer. Remember what your investing in here. When it comes to putting foreign compounds in your body you don't want to go cheap.

  8. OK, and points well taken. Remember, I'm not advocating the "on the cheap approach" - just curious if it could be done, and in a way that makes sense. Sounds as if the answer is "no".


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