First homebrew - DMSO + 1-Test + 4-AD?

  1. Question First homebrew - DMSO + 1-Test + 4-AD?

    Any reason why I can't use straight DMSO (70/30) as a TD carrier for 1-Test/4-AD combo?

    I've used DMSO for years as a linament for sprains, etc., so I know how it irritates the skin.  But I suspect the 1-Test will really make it burn.  I definitely plan to rotate locations of application!

    I'm going to give it a go but is there anything I can add to it to cut the burn without harming the penetration?

    180 ml DMSO (70/30)

    3 gms 1-Test

    2 gms 4-AD

    Dosage = 3ml, 2x per day

  2. Sure go ahead. It will burn though. Also with that much application you may find your BO and breath start to get really bad. BUt DMSO by itself is a really good way to get stuff through the skin. Talk to ya.. Let us know how it goes...
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  3. If you are going to go with DMSO/water I would recommend a 50/50 mix. Also, be sure to use the occlusive dressing method and wrap with Saran or platic.


  4. Going for insain absorption.. hehehe. I love it.. Talk to ya...
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  5. What is the systemic "half-life" of a DMSO homebrew like this?  i.e., is 2x a day dosing good, not enough or too much (not necessary)?

  6. The DMSO will get it in fairly fast. But the stuff that is left on the skin will still slowly go through. I think 2 times/day will still be fine. Talk to ya.
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