T-HEAT (Yohimbine homebrew) Summary and further discusion!

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  1. well, I just thought I'd point out, to any who want to do this, that our friends at www.lemelange.com have added menthol crystals to their website, and at $25/lb, it's an awesome deal, as compared to $61.49/lb at www.theeyeofnewt.com

  2. Yeah lemelange has a good price for you U.S. bros, i'm gonna get some from curt for now but i'd order from them next time!

  3. Chemo works pretty closely with Lemelange to make sure they have everything we need. Talk to ya

  4. No responses on the aminophylline dosage?

  5. Where di you ask? Talk to ya

  6. last post, page 1


    TALK TO YA!!

  7. Bastard... I RECON your last post was suposed to be funny ... TTY

    Now thats funny.. hehehe

  8. Did I spell that right Chemo? Talk to ya

  9. Actually, its reckon...get it right...

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  10. Damn.. hehehe TTY.

  11. http://www.fitnessgeared.com/forum/s...&threadid=5672

    What do you guys think of this thread? Harvey boner said 100% aloe liquid no gel should be used?

  12. His post is a good one...but I would not limit my choice of PE to just aloe gel. In the case of Yo I will venture out and say that IPM is a better solvent than any other ingredient in the recipe. I still have to run a few more trials but will most likely include some PEG-400 in the mix (in the 3-5% range) just for this purpose.


    BTW, I have 10 beta bottles of T-HEAT [BETA] if anyone is interested. Contact whosyourdaddy02 to arrange for shipment. These bottles are 240 mL containing 5 grams of yohimbine.

  13. What exactly is PEG 400? Always thought PEG was Prop Glycol but 400?


  15. I received my T-heat and will start using it next week so I'll everybody posted as I progress through the bottle.

  16. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    What exactly is PEG 400? Always thought PEG was Prop Glycol but 400?
    PEG is Poly Ethylene Glycol and the number is the weight.  For best solvation the weight should coorespond closely to the weight of the specie being dissolved.  I've asked Melissa (http://lemelange.com) to carry the 400 weight so that it can be used for not only yohimbine but also most diol prohormones (4-AD, nordiol, etc.) for regular transdermals.

    Best used in the 2.5-5% range.


  17. Thanks chemo, i got you pm about it too.

  18. Originally posted by whosyourdaddy02
    No responses on the aminophylline dosage?
    Try here (PDF) page 2:
    PDF link

    Here is another link to a research article, but this is only the abstract:
    This is where the article came from:
    Brater DC, Kaojarern S, Chennavasin P. Pharmacodynamics of the diuretic effects of aminophylline and acetazolamide alone and combined with furosemide in normal subjects. J Pharmacol EXP Ther 1983;227:92-7
    Another one, this time a study done on children:
    another link

  19. Been lurking for a while. Have all ingredients for ph spray and this fat burning solution. I am interested in trying out a batch, but have a pretty stupid question. I have my menthol crystals for my mix, but not sure how to measure out grams. No scale. Could someone answer this silly question for me.

    I will be trying the mixture listed earlier. I have a pretty low bodyfat and just want to remove the love handles. I will post results it will help.

    Thanks in advance for the help and I really appreciate all the knowledge you guys are sharing.

  20. Scale is the only way bro, you can pick one up for like $30 on ebay.

  21. Ok, no scale yet, but I'm ready to get moving on this test. I am gonna look stupid and head down to the post office and use their scale (others here have done this) to weigh out the menthol crystals. Won't look as bad as weighing out white powder (PH)!!!

    Anyway, I am working with 240ml mix. So with 15% menthol mix I am looking at 24 grams menthol crystals in 36ml of 99% iso. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Hope the post office is dead tonight. Scale is out in the open. Could get some strange looks.

  22. Yep that woul dbe pretty close. I think from my test and suck i think you will want to cut that in 1/2 though. the menthol is too strong and may not have to be that high to work well. Put in 8% menthol solution and add the other 7% to the Aloe gel... I will revise the recipe momentarily.. TTY

  23. Thanks for the reply. I can deal with the smell if that's the only problem. Would there be an absorption problem with going with 15% menthol mix?? Just want the best absorption.

  24. You will get better absorption with 15% but it is very mentholly.. Let us know what you think when you try it.. TTY

  25. Ok, I measured out the menthol crystals and didn't get arrested. I read that Kitchen Chemist was having trouble dissolving the Yohimbine. Any suggestions. I was going with the original recipe here with the 15% menthol mix. If IPM is needed to get Yohimbine to dissolve, please let me know what % any of you testers used.

    Ready to mix and start tonight.


  26. OK, got it mixed. Cloudy solution, pretty watery too. I was gonna use it on the love handles. I have 3.5 grams Yohimbine in a 240 ml solution.

    Any dosing suggestions. I will start tonight and post results if I have any.

  27. Just so you bros know, 100ml of iso and 66g of menthol will equal to about 170ml of solution (Each gram of menthol is equal to a little over a ml of volume). For me this works out to cost $7.08 per 170ml. Not expensive at all especially since we lowered the amount of menthol in solution. Now you can get about 8.5 bottles out of that 170 ml of menthol solution

  28. Doses should be around 100-150/day.. TTY

  29. That works for what I did. I applied 4 mls last night and this morning. 2 mls per love handle!!!

    You were right. It is pretty mentholly. Went away after an hour or two though. I rubbed in the liquid with my hands and washed them right afterward. This was necessary after noticing how many sensitive areas I have on my body.

  30. Would it be possible to add some 7-keto in with the yom to make a Absolved/Lipoderm combo? Should be very effective at targeting those hard to get spots!


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