T1 and slin

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    T1 and slin

    I asked this over at the bb forum a while back with no responses. Im just wondering if anyone has tossed slin in with a 1 test/4ad cycle. I have used humulog in the past, which worked out very well for me and I'd like to try using slin again.

    This time around I think i will go with HumulinR, either ED or EOD at the 3rd and 4th week of my T1 cycle.

    Just wondering what you guys think, any suggestions?

    Yes i know slin can be dangerous, so please, no lectures about dying.

  2. i would stick with humalog.. just to be safe... i think the longer you have FAKE slin in your body the more you risk becoming a permanent diabetic... just sayin...

    hit up the humalog post workout and you should see some good results...

    be safe
    good luck

  3. slin is some serious ****. I did it a while back along with some heavy androgens and gained like crazy. You are right in picking the R as it is easier to control the amount in your system. Just be careful with that stuff it is no joke.

  4. IMO Humalog is NOT safer.

    Bro make sure you get advice from guys who have actually done slin.

  5. I wouldnt run slin with your PHs, unless you plan on counting EVERY calorie you take in. Insulin is the bodies sotrage hormone and anything that has the potential to aromatise into estrogen will activate the aromatase enzyme in the body and likely store those excess calories in the adipose tissue.

  6. I would run it ONLY the dayz u work out post training Eat Alot of carbs too!


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