Deca (Gel) How effective?

  1. Deca (Gel) How effective?

    Nandrolone Decanoate - also known as Deca Durabolin - Injectable (also avaiable as a transdermal gel) this a piece from a clinics website . I didn't know deca came in a gel. I wonder how effective it would be in a gel form?

  2. nandrolone might come in a gel, but not nandrolone decanoate. a lot of base compounds can be used as a transdermal.

  3. Is it just as effective?

  4. takes a higher dose to get the same effect. i think it's like a 45% usage or something. while injecting is 100%. it's effective but not as effective as injections.

  5. If the active compound of the gel is Nandrolone undecanoate it will not work. If the active compound is Nandrolone base then it will be an effective transdermal with an absorption rate of 30-35% depending on the carrier used in the gel. But mg for mg will not be as effective as injectable Deca.

  6. Thanks for the input fellows


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