Homebrew Transdermal

  1. Homebrew Transdermal

    I just read another thread on this board in which Par Dues said the following "Systemic topicals are really easy to homebrew. Just use 80% isopropyl alcohol (the stuff at the store that is 10% water) and add 20% veggie oil.

    You could also add 5-10% DMSO if you wanted."

    Has anyone tried this? Can anyone comment on this?

  2. You are on THE homebrew board. There are several to many threads that contain recipe information. Search for more information.

  3. Actually, I already did - prior to posting the first time.

    I try not to ask the obvious without doing (at least some) homework. I have looked on this board (including the recipe sub-forum), as well as Avant' and BN's forums. Although I've seen several transdermal carrier recipes over the past two years, I've not ever seen the one Par Deus suggested. A recipe this simple seems to easy to be true (or effective).

    That is why I asked. I searched the transdermal forum for threads that contained the term oil and the term isopropyl alcohol. No searches revealed this recipe.

    Any thoughts?

  4. Sounds like you likely know more than me. From what I know, the DMSO is a tremendous penetrant enhancer. I'm 'guessing' that whatever solvent of choice you used to disolve your powder would work just fine with a generous ratio of DMSO. There are so many other variables, most that I am not well enough informed in to discuss in much detail. Somone more knowledgeable than myself will likely follow me with more information.

  5. Thanks - I am by no means an expert, just looking and curious. As ususal I appreciate everyone's well intended input.

    BTW - 5150, I've read some of your responses to others who were struggling with some personal issues. It is nice to have a support network with people striving to do the right thing; sometimes against the odds.

  6. id like to see this as well. additional ?'s would this formula work only for raw powders? is it possible that it might work from capped supps that contain fillers? or would they have to be seperated first? certainly sounds almost too good to be true.


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