how to combine liquid PH with transdermal solution

  1. how to combine liquid PH with transdermal solution

    Just to let everyone know i am a neewb. love the forums so far. i have some hmgear stuff and found it hurt like hell when doing an IM. I have used AAS before for a # of years and never have gotten bad sides like this stuff. I was wondering if there was any way i could put this solution in a trasndermal dmso? I figure since i have some might as well put it to use if i can. Any help is appreciated.

  2. Well for the most part, it won't work. Mostly because you have esterfied hormones in your oil and for a transdermal you really need base compounds or your absorbtion will be drastically lowered due to the larger molecules and molecular weight.

    So basically you will be wasting a ton. If your injects were too painful what I would do rather than try to make a transdermal is just cut down the concentration a bit. Get some oil (preferably the same type of oil it was originally made with) and some syringe filters (I would suggest .22's) and filter some more oil into your vials. Be sure and keep track of how much and adjust your concentrations accordingly. This should take care of the pain on injects.

  3. Thanks bro.

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