Topical Spiro

  1. Topical Spiro

    would crushed spironolactone tablets be an acceptable substitute for powder in a topical spiro solution. i have hear different views. i hear the fillers in the tablets may effect absorbtion. from what i understand spiro absorbs fairly easily. i figure if fillers effect absorption it shouldn't be enough to make a difference, and i'm not looking to push it through the skin for systemic delivery... any comments?

  2. Yes. Crushed spiro tabs in a dermovan or dermabase cream, or even a mixture of Propylen glycol and ethanol works well.

  3. thanx for the info sir kevin

  4. The topical cream I buy actually HAS tiny little granules in it...

  5. Well I guess it is time to make my own then huh? Lets get to work.

  6. i've heard others say that small granules sometimes occur in creams... supposedly it doesn't have effect on absorption,spiro absorbs well on its own. it just makes the cream less smooth and more grainy. how well it dissolves just depends on what's in the cream. most creams are around 5% that may have something to do with it. at 5% in a solution with pg it tends to be cloudy and fall out of solution. the last 5% solution i bought was like that. i just diluted it to 2.5% with iso and glycerin. it went into solution without any shaking. that's been over a month ago and it hasn't crashed. i'm thinking if i use crushed tabs i might get a some fillers that don't dissolve. that can be filtered out

  7. I've never had any granules in the spiro creams I made. But it seems these granules are kind of normal.


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