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    Oral deca tabs: With the release of the new "ether" esters, we have developed an effective oral deca tab. We have developed a micronized version of this product implementing a purer ether without compromising the stability of the product. This product contains a stable 19-dione delivery system, as well as all the ingredients responsible for the vetrinary steroid "kynosylans" myostatin inhibitors

    Do these actually have deca in them? I dont think so but if theydo could they be broken down in a kit like the fina?


    btw it is at researchkits.com

  2. Haven't seen it yet.. But i think if its oral it would be not good. You would be better off going with transdermal nor product.... Talk to ya..
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  3. anyone who compares PHs to AAS..is simply a scam waiting to happen. I would watch my wallet and wait for feedback on these "wonder" pills

  4. If it is an oral, then why do you want to go through the trouble of making it into an injectable?...isnt that what Deca and Durabolin are for?
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