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    Hey to everyone ....been reading for about 2 months before posting questions as I know how ****ty stupid questions that have been covered 1000 times are...LOL...alright to business I luv transdermals and I want to run my first true gear cycle in a trans base from PHLOGEL ...I was thinking of running a Test base with Tren at a 3:1 ratio then PCT with Nolva usual dosing...I already take regular supps all year round for Chol and BP with Liver protection I like to drink...LOL...I've got the base powder with no Ester attached same with the Tren so should be easy enough to mix....I was going to meter out with syringe for application rather than cutting base to spray form...any ideas apprec...Jacob

  2. So is phlogel better than DSMO? If so then why?

  3. there was a cycle log that was similar to this. I'm not sure which carrier was used and I can't think of who did this before. I'm definitely interested to see how this goes for you so keep a log if you can.

  4. Skimp on the drinking, even though you aren't running any 17AA's try to avoid getting hammered bro. Especially on Test and Tren lol, you might do something you wished you hadn't and end up in jail for a few nights and or prison. I heard Phlogel is good, check out Lozgod's thread at Iron for Life, he ran Test/Nandrolone but he had to stop because of sides (high BP). What that closely bro. Best of luck and start a log in cycle logs. I think I might go with T-Gel or Penetrate

  5. Ya I will not be boozin on cycle..LOL...right now I'm trying to get my BF% down to around 13% before I cycle kinda my motivator right now then I'm going to hitter hardcore at the end of this month I've got a Dr. appoint and I will get all my blood work-up done...Jacob



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