has anyone made a Nandrolone Base TD?

  1. has anyone made a Nandrolone Base TD?

    would this be an effective Compound for a transdermal since it seems like it could penetrate into your skin?

  2. I have seem a nandrolone based td at one of the online clinic sites I belive. I have no idea which one though. But I think that answers the question as I have also seen it on a popular td list.

  3. would it be as effective as Test or Tren in a transdermal?

  4. I have searched.....Got Help?

  5. go to the forum view, click search this forum and in the text box write "nandrolone and base" (without the quotes)

  6. judge my man your the dude i need to talk to then......from your exp is it worth even ****ing with?

  7. I mean yeah its going to be just as effective as a transdermal test or tran tren (its not going to be exact as in accurate, but you have estimation). As long as you use the base with no ester and a good carrier, I don't see why not. I started a thread awhile back regarding this, because Ive seen Boldenone and Test ran quite often, but no Nandrolone and wanted to see if anyone tried it. Any compound can penetrate into your skin as long as there isn't an ester.

  8. good ****....thanks for the feedback

  9. lets just say that high dose nandro base and low dose T base was the worse cycle of my life. it was good in terms of strength gains and mass but I bloated like **** and got gyno, which I never got before.

    the bloat was just increadable.

    moral of story - never use nandro as a lead or solo steroid. it sucks. AT LEAST stack it with a strong androgen like proviron or winstrol or 5aa/3aa

  10. Judge i value your words of wisdom my man thank you.


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