Very Interesting.. Transdermal MIX

  1. Very Interesting.. Transdermal MIX

    I e-mailed Nutra Planet about some alpha powder. He wrote back of course and told me to mix some Androstenedione powder and some yohimbine. Does anyone have a recipe for this....

    Also what would be the best carrier... Skulpt, Lipo-Ultra, or Ab-Solved....

    Will be putting it on the chest area.....

  2. please forgive my ignorance but, what is alpha powder?

    and yes, i did do a search, and it came back with a plethora of different answers.

  3. 3-alpha powder

    People were using it transdermally with ab-solved for a andractim type effect but better supposedly. Not sure but curious about the Yohimbe and Androstenione addition to the ab-solved

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