Recipe with isopropyl alcohol 70% and PEG400

  1. Recipe with isopropyl alcohol 70% and PEG400

    Homebrowing my transdermal carrier I would like to use isopropyl alcohol 70% (mainly because I have a lot of this left) instead of the usual 99% in Chemo's recipe. But in one of his posts Chemo said that if isopropyl alcohol 90% is used instead of 99% then PEG400 should be added to the mix. Do you think that will also work with isopropyl 70%? if so do you know how much PEG400 should be added to the mix? Should it be added instead of certain percentage of the isopropyl alcohol or in addition to all ingredients?

  2. Hey guys. You really don't have any idea on that?

  3. Anabolicminds Forum - Recipe...

    i have used this recipe many times with only slight tweaking, left out the ipp and added that extra percentage to the dmso. and it works great. i have gotten 10g of 1test base into 200ml of carrier with no problem at all, likewise 4ad and 7oxo.

    won't work with yohimbine too well but that stuff is hard to dissolve anyway and whether or not it has localized effecacy is a whole 'nother thread.

    as for 70% or 90% iso, i used the 90% but feel that the 70% might be useful as it is being used as a solvent you might just have to tweak the ingredients percentage up or down.

    peg400? i have yet to use it in a TD.

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