is it possible too.....

  1. is it possible too.....

    can you mix injectable test into a transdermal solution and make it work, or is it only the ph powder version that goes into the transdermal mix? if this question is retarded discard it,,,but i have been thinking about this ever since some old man at my gym claims he does it.

  2. Yeah, you can do it with regular test BASE powder, but not the kind that has the ester on it as the injects do, whatever the ester may be...prop, enth, etc..the ester to my knowledge is going to keep it from being absorbed or whatever....

    I remember reading a post by Chemo entitled, "Saponifying an ester" or somethin' like htat., do a will explain how to basically remove the ester from an esterfied compound....I think that's what it did?? lol, I'm not too keen when it comes to homebrewing....but it would be easy for you to learn. My advice is to just get hte test base and use a homebrew dermal forumla'll save lot's of cash that way.

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