What Gel to use

  1. What Gel to use

    I orderd 30 grams of longjack from http://www.herbal-powers.com/lj10expow.html. So what I want to do is make a transdermal with it. I would love to use the BDC Gel but I'm from Canada and as you know BDC is not shipping here.

    What Avant Gel would you use there's the PH Gel which is much more expensive and Lipo Gel.

    Another thing this product is 99% water soluble and I am assuming that it will absorb for effeciently than say 1test or 4ad. Your best guess what kind of absorbancy rate are we talking about.

    I am thinking that this might be a great post cycle recovery brew.

  2. the only reason you would put it into a transdermal is if the oral bioavalibility is less than that of the transdermal(40%)... Do you know what it is... This is the reason we don't put the 1,4 in transdermal... Talk to ya..
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  3. Also the molecules may be too big to go the transdermal route as well. Talk to ya
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  4. Ok I sent an email to ask both those questions.

  5. I'll be suprised if they know the molecular weight of it

  6. Here is what I have so far.

    I will need to consult my scientists on the exact percentage. However as
    they are based in Malaysia, which is currently on holiday, I may not have an
    answer for a few days.

    As for transdermal delivery, we've not tested the product for this.
    However, my initial answer is that it may be. This is because our
    experience in handling the product (raw LJ100 powder) has shown that it does
    in fact absorb into the skin if you are not wearing protection. We think
    that its 99% water solubility also helps the powder permeate into the skin.

    A word of caution from personal experience. If you are not a professional
    in handling transdermal delivery, we would suggest you consult someone. My
    own experience has been that at the point of entry (my hands) there is a
    minor achiness that can occur, particularly with higher doses (since the
    dose is 50mg for women, everything is a high dose for me; for men some can
    find as little as 100mg to be the right dose). It lasts for maybe ten
    minutes or more. However, you do feel that the LJ100 is in your system and

    I hope this helps.

    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  7. achiness in the hands? Hmmm...wonder if thats from the LJ or from her tranny formula...

  8. Achiness. WHo cares.. Let here try putting on 300mg of 1-test with a transdermal with DMSO in it.. hehehe. Talk to ya...

    PS I did not realize it was just a powder. It will probably work in the transdermal... But still wait for the oral bioavalibility...
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  9. Yes Curt it's a very strong refined extract hence the high price. I got a feeling about this. As a raw powder is only 1% water soluble TJ100 is 99%.
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  10. Water soluable is not a big deal... The gell has no water in it.. Most things are soluable in alcohol.. hehehe... Talk to ya..
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  11. The size of the granularity is 200 mesh.
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  12. Well that means nothing to me... I will find out from chemo.. Talk to ya...
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  13. Here is the latest from them:

    Yes. Unfortunately, the work that was done on bioavailability was
    inconclusive. I have also included our scientist's comments on transfermal
    delivery. Please note that this may not be their specialty and a chemist
    that works specifically with transdermal delivery may give a different
    ______________________________ _
    We have done some bioavailability sometime ago , but the data tended to be
    inconsistence; probably (because at that time) we have not established the
    marker compound. Hence I
    would not be able to answer your question now.

    Most compounds that are to be transdermally delivery are hydrophorbic or
    hydrophobic in nature i.e they should be soluble in lipid. Based on the
    hydrophorbic nature of the extract it would not be the best way to
    deliver it transdemally. The molecules are small enough. So far not much
    work has
    been done on this.

    Please let me know if you have further questions.

    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug


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