T-Gel + Superdrol: Is it good?

  1. T-Gel + Superdrol: Is it good?

    Is Superdrol powder dissolved in BSD T-Gel a safe and effective way of delivery. Is it more easily absorbed than having it ingested via normal means? Trying to find out if its more effective than regular means and if it is, I will give it a shot.

    If this post seems "noobish" please forgive me as I am inexperienced with transdermals and the such. Thank you in advance! ^_^

  2. Superdrol is methlyated and is fine taken orally. Putting it in a transdermal will actually reduce the amount of active that you get.

  3. What could i dissolve in the T-Gel that would combine with Superdrol for added gains?

  4. There were many things that you could have put in there before the prohormone ban. try doing some searches, you will learn much.

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