aloe vera/transdermals

  1. Question aloe vera/transdermals

    i'm new to transdermals and just have some questions.
    1. i see aloe vera gel recommended to trans such as yohimburn. most of the aloe is find, even
    if almost pure has alot of other ingredients....mostly emolients and solvents....will they effect the

    2. would it be possible to use a drug store hand/body lotion as a carrier and add yom hcl to it. it should disolve since they already contain solvents and emolients anyway..right?

    3. would mineral oil be a good item for a transdermal?

  2. All those things can compromise the % delivery. But it would still work to some degree.

  3. just to add to my post... i just pruchased 100% aloe gel from walmart. i had the option of with or w/o alcohol. i got without. the only difference in the ingredients is the one w/o alcohol is lacking pg and glycerin. would it have been better to get it with these ingredients for better penetration?

  4. not really, your going to have to add a lot of alcohol anyway to achieve absorption of you active anyway

  5. Why don't you just get a transdermal gel from one of our sponsors that are specifically designed for this purpose?



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