Testosterone sublingual/intranasal

  1. Testosterone sublingual/intranasal

    I've been searching and haven't found anything on this. What would the dosing on a testosterone intranasal/sublingual look like? I was hoping to dig up some info on the old cyclo products and use those as a rough guide, but I can't find much info on those since the ban. I know dosing several times a day is required.

  2. well i used intranasal 1test base/4ad @ the 1 gram steriod to 9 grams cyclo ratio.

    as the receipe says it yeilds 25mg per ml.

    i could never get it to dissolve clear. there was always what appeared to be un-cycloed hormone in the mix. may should up the ratio to 10 to 1.

    i would use it while lifting. a squirt in each nostril before. this would burn a little (maybe the uncycloed hormone) but nothing near as bad as straight 1test.

    another dose 20 minutes and then 35 to 40 minutes into the WO. which did not burn at all.

    great pumps. noticeable growth. and also a good WO stimulant.

    used this same doseing for cardio.

    i would say the biggest differnce is that unlike TD i could actually feel it working as i used it.


  3. Here's the link I used to make my intranasal and sublingual solution. The intranasal 4ad was an excellent pre workout stimulant/androgen. you may want to do the 50mg/ml as getting the full 20-25 mg fraom a 25mg/ml can be a lot of fluid up your nose.

  4. I wonder if you could use Bold base for cyclos.



  5. What's up Carlito!

    I read a review of QFS's bold base on synergy's forum a while back, but the guy was pinning it not using it as a nasal spray.


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