Question on the consistency and efficacy of dmso based topical solutions

  1. Question Question on the consistency and efficacy of dmso based topical solutions

    I am looking to make a transdermal for my next cycle, in order to reduce the volume of injections, and take advantage of a very cheap source of test base. I have read up on the "classic" transdermal recipe (IPA, IPM, DMSO, glycerin, etc) featured here, however as I understand it the consistency of this is quite thin, and often times a good portion of the mixture evaporates leaving a flakey residue on the skin. I am interested in a slightly thicker transdermal solution that does not evaporate rapidly and does not leave a heavy flakey residue. If anyone has any suggestions as far as changes to the standard recipe, I'd be happy to hear them.

    Also, I am curious about the efficacy of DMSO based transdermal recipes, compared with injection. ideally I'd like to get it as high as possible, and I am willing to put up with the garlic odor in oder to improve absorbtion, though I do not want to incur permanent skin damage. What percentage of DMSO is optimal for improving absorbtion while minimizing skin damage? I know the androgel recipe has about a 12% absorbtion ratio in clinical trials, anyone able to give any subjective data on how effective dmso based topicals are?

    My goal is to achieve the equivalent of about 1.25-1.5g of testosterone/week.

  2. 10% of DMSO to your mix, so if it was 240mL then add 24mL of DMSO to your solution. T-Gel (It is thicker, perhaps what you want) has a high absorption rate (Jminis said close to 40%) and is what I will use on my test base/boldenone base transdermal. However, penetrate might be better for you since it will hold more and adding 24mL of DMSO to the mix will improve the absorption by about 5% (no expert, but it is what I have read) Without DMSO calculate absorption to be around 30-35%. As far as clinical trials, I have none just that bro-telligence (Sorry Strateg0s) Best of luck with your cycle.

  3. Yeah where is a good part of this board to get educated on everything transdermal?

  4. Right here stupid. ANyway I am sure none of you got that joke. But any stickies on how to properly create your own transdermals?

  5. I don't think there is a thread dedicated to such, but as you can see I have spent quite a bit of time "browsing" the forum on topics like that. Just a collection of searches.



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