white residue after application. is this normal?

  1. white residue after application. is this normal?

    I have some 4-ad mixed into penetrate. the solution is homogenized, and opun application appears clear. When it dries completly (about 15 minutes later) i have noticed there is white, chaukly residue left on the area of application. This has me wondering if i'm really not absorbing the 4-ad past the skin barrier. Is this normal, or did i mess up when incorporating the powder?

    also, would heating it up gently before each application be beneficial, or could it potentially mess-up (technical term) the 4-ad?


  2. I've used Penetrate with 4ad and did not have a residue on my skin afterwards. I put 18g into an 8oz bottle. It did dry my skin out considerably, though. Is there any chance it's just dry, sloughing skin cells? Try scrubbing with a loufah (sp?) sponge prior to application to rid the skin of dead cells & see what happens. I just can't see the 4ad not getting absorbed if it's dissolved into the solution.


  3. 18 grams, heck I could barely get in 10-12 grams. From my experience there was a faint residue left behind but easily fixed with a post application of DMSO+distilled water (20:80).

  4. Yep 18g! I spent a lot of time chopping the powder, then heated, added 3g, mix & shake, then repeat 6 times. It stayed dissolved pretty well too. I think I may have had to heat & shake 2 or 3 additional times over the following 6 weeks.


  5. i think i realized my problem.

    I was applying 300mg (6ml) at a time to a small area (tops of my feet), when i split it up into 150mg on my feet and then 150mg on my shoulders, there was noticably less residue. I probably oversaturated the area applying it all to one spot.

  6. Yeah, that makes sense. Good job figuring it out.



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