Synovex oxidated?

  1. Synovex oxidated?

    I'm doing a Synovex experiment with this protocol.

    Dissolve 5 carts in a few ounces of acetone. Filter through 3 cf's. Rinse with a bit more acetone. Add 1 teaspoon sodium hydroxide. Let sit overnight, (at least 6 hours) stiring occaisionally and adding more acetone if needed.

    I'm at this point now and wondering if the rust color of the solution is oxidation of the TNE hormone or just the reaction of the estradiol breaking down?

    This is the rest of my plan.

    Add distilled water (same amount as NaOH, acetone, TP solution) and evaporate acetone. Cool TNE, NaOH, water solution. Filter w/3 cf and rinse with 5-6 cups distilled water until PH strips show light green color. Dry out filter contents.

    I've heard of tren. oxidizing during experiments and different opinions on what if any effect it has on the potency of the hormone. Does the TNE potentially oxidize and if so anyone know what effect it has?

  2. Just curious, why don't you use methanol (heet) like everybody else?

  3. They only advantage to acetone that I've heard is that it's not as potent as methyl alchohol reducing the dissolving of glue to a point where it can flow through the filter. I think Heet is great but acetone works and it's about 3 bucks for a gallon at Home Depot. Not a big difference I don't think.

  4. I have never heard of TNE oxidizing. I used heet, and got an amber colored solution as well that went to white once water was added. I believe you are fine.

  5. TNE as well as tren will oxidize to a degree with acetone as it is a carbonyl based polar solvent...especially with added heat. This is one reason that I prefer methanol as my solvent. It should be noted that the oxidation is temporary as most recipes call for a water wash and this will reverse the reaction.

    Also, so as not to claim oxidation as the only culprit of color change there is also a huge tendency of polar carbonyl based solvents to support a conjugated system that will shift the absorption to higher wavelengths (remember that longer wavelengths equals more stability).

    Let's move into advanced discussion of the exact mechanism for the color change:

    The single most important factor that will determine the color (wavelength absorption) of a molecule is the extent of conjugation. This is all based on Molecular Orbital (MO) Theory and should be familiar to most that have studied chemistry even at the elementary levels. The difference between the highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO) and the lowest unoccupied molecular orbital (LUMO) decreases as the extent of conjugation increases. What this means is that the amount of required energy to promote the pi => pi* electron is decreased...i.e. - longer and longer wavelengths will be required.

    As a quick layman summary, while it is dissolved in acetone the color will be 5% due to oxidation (don't hold me to it but no doubt substantially less than conjugation) and 95% extent of conjugation. After removal of the solvent and water wash it should reverse and return to baseline wavelength absorption.


  6. so is the sodium hydroxide what breaks down the estridol?

  7. yes...

  8. thanks chemo u just saved me the money of buying a kit...just curious have any of u tried to break the estradiol down with any thing else. Also how long do you heat the acetone for when your evaporating it.

  9. There is something else (at least one other thing) that breaks down the estradiol but the NaOH is much easier to get.

    On my next heffer experiment I'm not going to introduce heat to evap. either acetone or methanol. The hormone was not a nice light powder or crystal but more of a large clump even tho my temp was between 100-120. I beleive adding a glass rod if warming while evaporating can help with this. It did dissolve in BA/BB but I just don't need to speed up the process. I'd rather just let it sit overnight or more next time and get nicer loose powder.


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