Anyone else try 7-keto homebrew?

  1. Anyone else try 7-keto homebrew?

    I made up some, I swear, this stuff is worse than 4AD to dissolve. I can get about 4 grams in 240ml, and some still doesn't dissolve. I tried heating it, but still no luck. After letting it sit for a day and coming back to it some of the powder has stuck itself to the bottom of the bottle.

  2. I was thinkin' 'bout doing the same myself. You used the PH brew, right?

  3. damn..u cant get it to dissolve? i wanted to try a 7-kto/1-test combo

  4. You can do it, but it does not dissolve very well at all. Like I said 4 grams in like 8oz and not all dissolved. I put it in slow and everything like always, but it sucks. I am just using what I have made and then I think I will just use it orally.

    Yes, PH gel.

  5. where did you get the raw 7keto?

  6. yeah anybody know the molecular weight of 7-keto? is it betweem 3-500?

  7. GOt it from kilosports 25gms for 60$

  8. seriouly that could be the prob..did they give u assay?

  9. Yeah they did. I don't remember where I put it though. I know it was greater than 95%, so I don't think it's the problem.

  10. I assume they went to china for this stuff as humantics would not sell them raws for this (maybe I'm wrong). Hence why the material may not dissolve.

  11. try putting the brew in BOILING water (as in full blast flame) for 3 minutes then shake for a minute, put it in again for 3 minutes, shake, in for 3 and shake.

    if it does not dissolve after all that.....good luck
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