does BDC T-gel contain DMSO?

  1. does BDC T-gel contain DMSO?

    How come BDC's t-gel in the member store doesn't have DMSO listed in the ingredients? I thought it would be pretty similar to our recipe on this board. Is the only way to have a DMSO recipe to make our own?

  2. For legal reasons when you buy the t-gel it comes with the DMSO in a little bottle... Its for spills(hehehehe)... When you make it yourself there is now legal ramifications... Hope that helps.. Talk to ya..
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  3. Yeah - you've got to be REAL careful where you put this stuff. DMSO could accidentally spill into your PH mix if you're not careful, and then where would you be?
    Ok, it may enhance the absorbtion, but that isn't what you want it for is it? I was quite upset when mine spilled into my T1 Pro - what will I use now to clean up any spills on the carpet?

  4. man...i took me way too long to finally get this joke And there I was, pretendin to body build just so I can get the inside stuff for my carpet.

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