making 4ad transdermal out of caps

  1. making 4ad transdermal out of caps

    I need some help. I have some4ad caps that I would like to
    convert to transdermal. I have searched for an answer and
    the only thread I found on this concluded that it was not
    worth trying to convert and that it would be better to go buy
    powder. However, since we are post ban and on top of that I
    live in Canada, that option is not available :-(

    Here is a list of the fillers ergopharm puts in its androdiol
    select 300 4ad caps:

    modified cornstarch
    magnesium stearate

    Do you guys think I can just empty the caps into a transdermal
    solution and apply it on my skin. Now I imagine that some of the
    fillers would not dissolve but does that really matter? If worse
    comes to worse I will just wipe the residue off my skin 2 hours
    later or so...

    I would really appreciate any input/thoughts/experiences regarding
    this. Thanks!

  2. It would'nt work with just dumping the caps in a t/d matrix. You would have to strip the fillers, and I have no idea how to do that sorry. I imagine it's just not worth it.


  3. Why wouldn' t it work? Do the fillers make the
    the PH completly unabsorbable through the skin???

    And if it really could not work, does anyone have
    any ideas on how to remove the fillers? It is worth it to me
    because being in post ban + living in Canada, it is quite
    difficult to get 4ad powder these days.

  4. Why not just take it in the oral form? Take a higher dose so it will be more effective.

  5. I know I could but it would not be as effective. If I had free and
    easy access to the stuff I would just take it orally but since that is
    not the case I want to maximize what I have...

  6. is there a definative answer to this question? i am in the same boat and i was wondering, only mine is sci fit 4ad

  7. I don't think the ergopharm caps have all that much filler. I emptied one out and compared it to some 4ad I got from BN and the consistency and color were not distinguishable. You could also weigh the powder on a high quality scale, and see how much over 300mg you go. IMO if that is all you can get, go for it. It is better than taking it orally.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bigjoe15
    I desolved my capped 4ad in acetone (e.g. most nail polish removers) then I filtered it through coffee filters which got rid of all the fillers and crap that was capped with it. The acetone acts as a solvent desolving the 4ad or something along those lines. I then left the filtered acetone to evaporate, I also speeded up this prosess by lightly heating it. I emphasise lightly as acetone is flamable. You should be left with crystals which is your pure 4ad. I added this to a nor transdermal and bang I was good to go. I also had a nice high end product, I used about 2g of 4ad in caps and got about 1.5-1.8g of 4ad. It could of been more if I didnt spill a little here and there lol.
    will that really work? been looking all over on how to make some of my orals transdermals. i don't have enough 1-test or 4-ad to run as orals, but if i convert them to transdermals then i have more than enough.

  9. I think bigjoe's method would be best, but I'd probably blow up the house or something. So for me, I'd just dump the powder of 1 cap in some t/d gel in my hand and smear it on for 300mg which I'd do 2X/day, or possibly 3 caps/day for 900mg/day t/d. The 4AD should absorb, and the filler should flake off pretty much. Not very sophisticated I know, but simple.

  10. lol Hey bigjoe sofar didn't notice you were that old. 75 and still homebrowing?

  11. do you guys think this would work for some of the other Phs we have now like prostanozol in order to make i t more effective? i just figure that since its not methylated that a tremendous amount of the active ingredients are digested and dont make it through to were it needs to go and if it were to be administered transdermally that it would yeild a higher level of potency... any opinions on this? do you suppose that it could be done thae same as 4-ad big joe?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by bigjoe15
    the benifits for the trans far supass the effects of an oral from my understanding. Give it a go, post your results.

    ya i def will considering many find it underosed (100mg stacked worked good for me) and its soon to be bye bye with this discontinuation so ill definately sacrifice one bottle to see if its gravy. by any chance does any one know ~ what is the % increase of absorbtion with using a trans over oral? i suppose its all subjective to individual supps but any info regarding the knowns would help for an approx idea. thanks.


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