transdermal for methoxy and ecdy

  1. transdermal for methoxy and ecdy

    I don't know what everyone on this boards opinion of methoxy or ecdy's is but i would like to try them as transdermals- having read that they, like ph's, are absorbed better this way. if anyone has experience with this i'd like some info. I have a few ideas and can put them up but i'd like to here from some pseudo experts what they think-possible, not, need this, make sure don't use that etc. i'll keep researching just want to gauge interest and knowledge of the subject in case i get stuck.

  2. bump

    bump, im interested too. I still cant figure out why nobody has bothered doing this.

  3. bump, im considering this also. Any try it?

  4. I can't seem to recall which company in particular was planning on running with that idea... it was a while back. Also interested in this, but I'm not sure how it would work. When I dose Methoxy and Ecdy, it's immediately before a meal. Ecdy's half life is right around the 30 minute mark, but I don't know about the methoxy. Applying 4-6 times a day could prove to be a hassle, or am I missing something...

    Edit - Easy thread to find actually! Back from March of this year, but still on the first page. Legal Gear was planning a limited run of an Ecdy TD.
    New LegalGear Transdermals

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