Simple pain reliever

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    Simple pain reliever

    I made this stuff a little while back on a test run, and it seems to work really well for an extremely low price. Here's the recipe (you're gunna love this)

    1 handfull of chamomile flowers
    4 oz of a carrier oil (grapeseed, apricot, olive, jojoba...) (I used grapeseed)

    let it soak for a week in a preferably cool dry place. Strain out the flowers, and ta in about 5 minutes on pain in different spots. I don't know the chemistry of it, but it's an ancient Egyptian recipe.

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    Sweet! Sounds cool. We have a variety of chamomile that grows wild around here..its basically a weed along roads and ditches.

    I wonder if celery seed extract would work as well. It's basically a volatile oil so it might absorb. It has decent analgesic properties.

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