Making 4-AD cypionate injectable - step by step

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  1. Making 4-AD cypionate injectable - step by step

    Just completed my first batch of 4-AD Cypionate (and my first two injections... .so far so good). Following is the procedure that I followed (with many thanks to the board members for their input). This procedure will produce 40 ml of 250mg/ml of 4-AD cypionate injectable. Cost, excluding shipping was under $100, including enough needles for a 10 week cycle.

    10 grams 4-AD Cypionate ($39.95) (
    1 4-gram fina kit ( ($30.00)
    25 ml Benzyl Benzoate ( $20.00) (enough for a bunch of of injectables)

    I used the 4 gram kit from researchkits for the following reasons: it comes with all of the tubes, syringes, filters, (and BA) necessary, it also comes with 20 syringes/needles. There are no doubt cheaper sources for the benzyl benzoate, but this offered the convenience of a reliable, single source for the supplies.


    Using the 5cc syringe (w/18 gauge needle) extract 2cc from the container with the clear fluid (its benzyl alcohol). Save the rest of the BA if desired, or throw it away. Empty the container it came in.

    Using the same 5 cc syringe, extract 2cc of benzyl benzoate. Put the needle cover back on and set aside the syringe.

    Using the 10cc syringe, put 40 cc of clean water in the container that held the BA. Mark a line where the top of the water is. Pour out the water and dry the container.

    Pour the 10 grams of powder into the container that you drew the line on.

    Add the contents of the 5cc syringe (2ml BA, 2ml BB). Screw top on the container and shake.

    Pour oil from the container containing the oil into the container with the powder/BA/BB until the oil reaches the line you drew. Put cap back on the container and shake.

    Put container with lid off in pot of water. Place pot on stove and bring to a boil, gently swirling container until the contents become almost clear (its a very milky color initially). Remove container and allow to cool slightly.

    Remove aluminum top (not the entire aluminum cover) from the empty bottle that came with the kit. Place 22 gauge needle through top of container (this will allow it to vent while filtering). Remove whatman filter and being careful not to touch other than its sides, place 18 gauge needle in bottom of filter and attach to empty container.

    Using 10cc syringe, draw up 4-AD liquid and attach to top of whatman. Filter slowly. It should take 4 trips (40 cc at 10cc per time) to filter completely.

    When done, you will have 40 ml @250mg/ml. 5%BA, 5%BB for painless injections. When cooled, the fluid will be opaque (milky).

    The fina kit comes with 20 syringes/needles, enough for 10 weeks at 2 per week. I use the 1.5" 25 gauge for injecting and an 18 gauge needle to draw from the container.

    Dosage should be between 1 cc - 4cc a week, injected twice weekly.

  2. Sticky this! Keep us posted RV

  3. Throw in some pictures and I think we would have more than a winner!

  4. just curious as to how much you would inject per week..would it be the same as the amount of test cypionate (250-750 mgs/week--depending on your expirience)? also, how are the results from an injectible version of 4ad cyp. when compared to say, a regular 4-ad transdermal??

  5. Some where i hear 93-95 percent but i could be off bu a few, i dunno.


  6. Originally posted by jlynch
    just curious as to how much you would inject per week..would it be the same as the amount of test cypionate (250-750 mgs/week--depending on your expirience)? also, how are the results from an injectible version of 4ad cyp. when compared to say, a regular 4-ad transdermal??
    Here is how I figure it. Your body strips the ester and the 4-AD molecule enters your bloodstream. Once it is there, 4-AD is 4-AD regardless of how it gets there. However, there are two main differences: (1) since I am injecting it, I am delivering 100% as opposed to maybe 50% transdermally. But, since the cypionate ester is rather long, 250 mg of 4-AD cypionate injected might work out to only 150-200 mg (and I am totally guessing here) of 4-AD being delivered to the bloodstream. (2) Because of the cypionate ester, the delivery of 4-AD to the bloodstream will be relatively constant without the peaks/valleys in blood levels that you will get with oral and transdermal.

    I have heard that 4-AD is 90% as anabolic as testosterone. I haven't verified it myself nor seen any research that shows that. I have also heard that 10%-15% of 4-ad is converted to testosterone. I can't verify that either. I know that 1 gram of testosterone cypionate per week is going to give me great gains. So, 1 gram of 4-AD cypionate (if all my assumptions are correct) would also work out really well. And since the concentration I produced is 250mg/ml, that works out to 2 shots a week at 2cc's per shot.

    As far as the purity of the 4-AD cypionate. It's 93%. Kilosports provides the assay report with every purchase. I have heard that BDC said the other 7% is probably some combination of test/boldenone.

    One final note. To date, I have only done 3 injections of the 4-ad cypionate so its too early to tell. And, fortunately or unfortunately, I just received my 10 week cycle of test cyp and boldenone so for the time being, I am putting the 4-ad cyp experiment on hold.

  7. any updates on ur progress ?...pump!

  8. Good info, let us have an update!

  9. Hmmm, I'd like to try this. Either by itself, or along side some fina.

  10. There will be cyp powders in stock with 1fast400 and also ready made preps (10 mL of 250mg/mL) from a trusted bro to be named later.


  11. what kind of cost would the premade be? A homebrew of this would run someone about 10-12 bucks for 10ml, that is of course if you buy 20g of more of the powder from 1fast400, only $2.70 a gram for 20+ grams

  12. I would imagine that the starting price would be $35 for 10 mL (250mg/mL). Since it is not my project or offering don't hold me to the pricing. IMO, it won't be more than $70 for a 10 week supply.

    The bro that is considering this is reading the thread so if you're interested let him know I'm sure if there are enough members request it he'll have no choice but offer it...


  13. well if hes reading this please feel free to pm me i'm italian hence a quinea..pig that is

  14. i'd like more info on premade too

  15. Chemo:

    If yu say he is a trusted bro that is good enough for me and your projected price is rather low which is very nice. Count me in if someone is making it please pm me


  16. Let me know too, hard to do all the work to make injectable 4-AD in a dorm room.

  17. I'm down too Chemo--id like to try it out, parents would freak if i started making the sh*t at home. yes i know living at home at 24 is sad--but it makes law school much cheaper for me, but anyway im into it if you trust him

  18. if you say hes good to go, i would definitely be interested in doing some "research" with it! getting it premade would be easier for me, i dont know how well my girlfriend would like me doing expiriments and going through the whole process in the living room!

  19. I'm interested too, now that there is 1-test cyp.

  20. D*zed is offering 10ml @200mg/ml of 4-AD cypionate for $30.

  21. I have a question for ya! does the B.B. need to be added for the 4-ad to be completely suspended or does the b.a. do the job?

  22. Originally posted by JUICY
    I have a question for ya! does the B.B. need to be added for the 4-ad to be completely suspended or does the b.a. do the job?
    You can get by without using BB, but you will have to increase the concentration of BA to a much higher level which means it may very well hurt when you inject. By using BB, you can greatly decrease the BA (which stings).

  23. When dealing with PH's in an oil based matrix I would strongly consider using PEG-400 or similiar weight polymer as the primary solvent (instead of BB). In this manner you could cut the BA back to 3% for the bacteriostatic action and not use it for a solvent/co-solvent (LESS PAIN). A PEG polymer is completely painless and solvates PH's about 25X more efficiently.

    Try a recipe like the following:

    3% BA
    5% BB (optional)
    5% PEG-400
    Cottonseed oil to volume

  24. Bump for how it went, RVEXLER.

    I hope it didn't make you keel over.
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  25. Actually, I abandoned my 4-AD cyp injectable "test" after the first two weeks. I wasn't having any problems, but I got in my shipment of (ahem) more potent, less legal injectables. Since then, I have read some other threads by people who have tried the 4-ad cyp with dissapointing results. So, at this point no plans to use the rest of what I made.


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