plo discussion ? what do you think ?

  1. plo discussion ? what do you think ?

    1- 60% bioavailability
    2- same compounds used by pharmacetical companies.
    3- high succes rate with no side effects from the gel.

    what do you guys think of it ?do u think it is a good idea mixing it with DMSO !

    here is the site write up:

    from the site :


    PLO gel or pluronic lecithin organogel is a transdermal carrier used by compounding pharmacists to deliver NSAIDS,narcotics and other drugs through the skin when other routes of administration are not viable. PLO gel is similar to the system used in the testosterone preparation Androgel. PLO gel is non-irritating to the skin, absorbs quickly and is practically odorless. It is best used with drugs with molecular weights less that 400.

    It is a two phase system consisting of an oil (lipophilic) phase and a water (hydrophilic) phase. Oil soluble drugs are dissolved in the oil phase and water soluble drugs are dissolved in the water phase. One phase is injected into the other, back and forth until a smooth homogeneous gel is formed. The preferred method of mixing small batches is with the use of two large syringes locked together at the tips.


    isopropyl palmitate - a non-oleaginous emollient with very good spreading characteristics

    soy lecithin - complex mixture of phospholipids and other materials. Used as dispersing, emulsifying and stabilizing agents.


    Pluronic F127 - a long chain polymer that has the unique property of being a solid at room temperature. This characteristic makes it useful in that it can be drawn into a syringe for accurate dose measurement when it is cold. When it warms on the skin it thickens to the perfect consistency to facilitate proper inunction and adhesion.


    To fully understand how a PLO works, it is important to first understand the barriers in the skin, which prevent absorption into the skin. The skin is composed of three major components: the epidermis, the dermis, and the underlying subdermal tissue. The epidermis, which provides the strongest protection against drug absorption, is composed of five different layers: stratum corneum, stratum lucidum, stratum granulosum, stratum spinosum and stratum basale. Of these five layers, the stratum corneum is the most impermeable. The stratum corneum can be compared to a brick wall. Just as a brick wall consists if bricks and mortar, the stratum corneum consists of flattened, cornified cells imbedded in a lipid intercellular matrix.


    Two mechanisms have been proposed. One possible mechanism for gel permeation into the skin occurs by diffusing through the lipid intercellular matrix described above. Another proposed mechanism is that the PLO provides a slight disorganization of the skin allowing permeation of the gel and the active drug through the statum corneum. One thing that is clear is that the lecithin component of the PLO has the ability to act as an amphoteric surfactant and enables many drugs to penetrate the dermal layer


    In the past, topicals have had relatively poor bioavailability. With the advent of the PLO the problem of bioavailability has been somewhat resolved. The PLO provides an adequate vehicle that permeates the stratum corneum, thereby increasing the amount of available drug. Because lecithin is a lipophilic substance, it is able to pass through the stratum corneum. When a water-soluble drug is added to a hydrophobic substance, with the aid of a surfactant, both the drug and the hydrophobic medium can pass through the epidermis. Bioavailability is up to 60%. In the absence af any studies on transdermal fina please look at the following link for an excellent study on the effectiveness of transdermal testosterone treatment:


    If using gel to apply Fina, good results can be had with as little as 40 mgs per day when stacked with at least 250 mgs/week of testosterone. I would always stack Fina with test whenever possible. When using Fina only, the dose needs to be bumped up to 80-160 mgs per day in two or three equal applications. It should be applied to a clean, hairless part of the body. Inside of forearms and upper chest work well. The PLO gel forms sort of a depot in the skin that provides sustained release of the drug.

    There have been reports of increased photosensitivity with plo gel so you should stay out of the sun after application, or apply to an area that will be covered, such as the inside of the upper thigh. Thanks to Jim Franckum and Dale Ramsay.


  2. Has been discussed over and over and over and over and over and over...

  3. There's a long thread on the avant forums that might help you out.

  4. Looks to me like the average efficacy I read about (~12%) is backed up by that study. I'm sure adding DMSO would make a big difference, honestly though I don't know if transdermal is the way to go for us guys that need a lot of gear. I'll probably give it a test run just to see though.

  5. be sure to let us know how that goes.....


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