My Recipe (please critique)

  1. My Recipe (please critique)

    Btw, for anyone who read my "emergency cycle" thread, this is a little embarrassing, considering I made a ruccus with asking what T-1 is and now I'm making my own brew.

    Here goes, my friend modeled this recipe after One+ and gave it to me.

    60% propanol
    15% Prop Glycol
    5% Octyl Salicylate
    10% Oleic Acid
    5% d-Limonene
    5% glycerol

    No DMSO, cuz he said it smelled too bad. Will this one work?

    I'm planning on putting 12 mg into 240 ml as seems to be the cardinal rule around here. I'm going to actually make 480 ml all at once, so I have enough for a 4 week cycle. I plan on putting 7.5 g of 1-test, and 16.5 g of 4-ad. (the ratio is a little weird cuz i only have 7.5 g of 1-test , but that's okay, cuz I wanna bulk.)

    My question is, will absorption be okay with this formula with the absence of DMSO? I heard that it smelled real bad, that's why my friend left it out. Thanks guys.

  2. Well for starters that will never dry if you have 15% PG and 5% Glyc.. They are used for the same purpose so pick just one and use only 10%.....Secondly you will want to put in at least 15% Isopropyl Myristrate becasue it works sinergenically with the OA.... So in that case you will have to drop the Isopropyl alcohol.... NOW the DMSO does not stink. It can make you stink if too much is used but at 10% we have found there is no stinky side effects... So the added 10-15% absorption is definately worth it... So if I can rework you formula for you I would go with ......

    IPP 40%
    IPM 20%
    OA 10%
    PG 10%
    OS 5%
    D-lim 5%
    DMSO 10%

    NOw I would recomend that you use the recipe in this thread the one that has been tested and used by 1000's and it works awsome. All the ingredients are very easy to get... But its up to you... But there you go. Hope that helps.. Talk to ya..
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  3. thanks a lot for letting me know. I was actually hoping i could be swayed. the level of reliability and expertise here has a better vibe than anywhere else. I already ordered the missing ingredients from my next batch is gonna be good. but now i have a problem...i'm about to run out of my current formula (1test,4ad) in a couple days, and I know I won't receive the supplies from flordia in time (lemelange). So I'm hoping BDC has express shipping for ready-made stuff, but now the member store is down too. What am I supposed to do if I have to stop? I've onlly been on for 24 hours. I guess I could whip up a little bit with this inferior formula...but anyway, thanks again curt2go.

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