1-test/4ad & Yo HCL

  1. 1-test/4ad & Yo HCL

    Any reason you could not run the 2 together for a cut cycle?

  2. You could but you can't put them in the same bottle. the formula for the ph's and yom are diff. If you had them in diff bottles you can't spray on the same spots either... Like spray yom on gut and phs on arma nd shoulders... Hope that helps.. Talk to ya
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  3. Curt

    Thanks for your prompt reply

    Your the man

  4. Aother consideration would be that if there is any bloat from the 4-AD it will decrease the effectiveness of the YO. I assume that for a cutting cycle there will be limited 4-AD but ANY bloat will compromise the effect.


  5. Would dosing anti-e's on cycle be enough to counter the bloat and make them run side-by-side, reasonably well?

  6. Yes, but you'll lose some of the benefits 4-ad's extra water gives you.


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