shelf life of old T-gel???

  1. shelf life of old T-gel???

    I'm about to start a trans cycle..good ol 1t/4ad and before I use this bottle of gel i have i figured I would ask.

    It is the original 240ml bottle of T-gel I had it for a while sitting on my shelf. Any ideas how long this would last? I also added 1 of the bottles of DMSO that I got with it arleady. Wasn;t sure if that would affect the integrity also.



  2. Beuler?

  3. I've used a gel up to a year+ old. And I have an old t-gel which seems to have dissipated some of its contents although it was still under the org plastic wrap. Have to look up the ingredients and top up with some alcohol I suppose.

  4. you would think they would last for a long time...for the most part the ingrediaents are solveīts.I use the same kind of stuff at work, and have had cans on the shelves for years that are still good...could be some other variables at play.One would be the possible degrading of the plastic bottle itself (somewhat) if it is a PETG, or similar material, and leaching my accur.

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